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The rise and rise of the mobile casino

It seems incredible to think that barely 20 years ago; playing real casino games without physically being present in a casino was a pipedream for many. When the Internet brought us the first online casino, the game changed and now with the advent of the mobile casino, the landscape is changing further still.

If the online casino was the first to usher in the digital era for casino gaming, the mobile casino has taken it a step further. The online casino was a static station from where you could play at home via your internet connection. Of course in the early days this was slow and often glitch, but over time as technology and programming skills improved, so did the online casino experience.

It was a revolution; now you could play the same games you could in a casino, from your own home whenever you liked.

However the real revolution was yet to come. The advent of the mobile casino piggybacked on improvements in mobile technology which allowed almost constant reliable access to the Internet wherever you are.

Now, mobile casinos are with you wherever you are, the portal in your pocket being the smartphone.

You can click on a button and bring up top quality mobile casinos such as Casino Action, Luxury Casino and the just-released Casino Classic almost instantaneously. You can not only play the games, but win cash, pay money, transfer money and even post news of your win to your friends on social media.

The truth is that the mobile casino is probably our first glimpse of how we are going to gamble in the future. With an expanding market of users thanks to quickly-emerging smartphone markets, this is an industry with a bright future and one which will likely see many ‘Average Joe’ people emerging as winners, rather than solely the shareholders.

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