Sneak a peek at Doctor, Doctor!

Sneak a peek at Doctor, Doctor for a perky online slot remedy!

Are you suffering from a case of online-slot-itis? Are all your online games starting to look and feel the same? Do you need something different, risqué, perky and enjoyable to play? Then take a trip to see the Doctor Doctor!

Doctor DoctorThe Doctor Doctor online slot is the first of three brand new games that are a welcome addition to the Microgaming stable. This trio of games cashes in on a man’s love of the shapely female form in a cheeky, funny and enjoyably risqué way!

The 9 pay-line, 5-reel video slot offers a wide variety of different features with a maximum of 10 coins playable per spin on each payline up to a maximum 90 coins per spin.

Yet it is the features of this game that make it so appealing. The icons are brightly displayed, the sound is fantastic and crystal clear and with plenty of wild symbols, a free spin trigger symbol, multiplier symbols, scatter symbols and both free spins and bonus game features, there’s plenty to keep any player occupied.

However, it is the curvy figures of the games main protagonists – the flirtatious doctors Nadia, Michelle, Ruby, Nicki and Sam that will no doubt keep most men finding any excuse to come down with any ailment to be attended to by this curvaceous quintet of virtual lovelies!

Doctor Doctor 2

Hit the bonus symbol on reel 1 and one of the lovely ladies in reel five and a rather revealing bonus awaits, the Sneak a Peek bonus, where you get sneak a peek a little more of their delicious assets! The more you reveal, the higher the reward!

This game is aimed firmly at an adult audience with fun, risqué humour and plenty of opportunities to win and best of all, this is just the first in a three game “sneak a peek” series of games coming from Microgaming!

So remember, take your medicine and play Doctor Doctor! These five beautiful ladies of medicine are enough to put any man in a spin!