Casino Rewards Group VIP Loyalty Scheme reworked and re-launched!

Players at any of the 30+ casinos part of the Microgaming Casino Rewards Group will have their own early Christmas present this year thanks to the release of the newly reworked VIP Loyalty Scheme.

The reason for the change was that owners of the 30+ casinos part of the group realised that real world gamblers, especially the ‘whales’, were receiving far greater benefits from casinos in the real world than they were online.

This reworked VIP Loyalty Scheme is their response to that and it features a host of new features and exciting add-ons, particularly for high rollers.

All players at any of the casinos are immediately part of the scheme upon joining and the more VIP Points they earn, the higher their Status Level climbs.

There are six status levels, ranging from Green, which is the basic entry level for infrequent players, or smaller spenders, through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and the highest level Diamond.

As the players climb through the levels, the offers and perks that they are eligible for increase markedly, for example a player who reaches the Silver level has access to exclusive games and higher bet limits that bronze or green members.

The upper levels, Gold, Platinum and Diamond are applicable mainly to big money players and feature a host of bonuses including once in a Lifetime Experiences (Gold), birthday presents from the group on your birthday (Platinum) and even free tickets to big sporting events (Diamond).

Details of your status level, together with how much you have to go before you reach the next level can be found in your account details and is sent to you with the groups’ weekly email.

With news still to come of the brand new Time of your Life Grand Sweepstake, there is still more of this exciting new VIP Loyalty Scheme to be revealed.

You can become part of this exciting new scheme by joining any of the 30+ Microgaming casinos that form the network, which can all be found on the Casino Rewards website.

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