February 13, 2014
Luxury Casino

How One Lucky Casino Player turned $50 of Bonus into a $1m+ Windfall!

How would you like someone to give you $50, and then you turn that into a world-beating jackpot win of over USD$1,000,000? If that sounds too much like the basis of a fictional Hollywood story, then think again as this is precisely what has happened recently to one fortunate Lucky Casino customer, known simply as A.F from the Netherlands. As a Luxury Casino customer, A.F received a special gift of $50 worth of chips from the casino on his birthday, but he had no idea that this already generous gift would be one that kept on giving. Nor that the […]
November 22, 2013
mobile casino

The rise and rise of the mobile casino

It seems incredible to think that barely 20 years ago; playing real casino games without physically being present in a casino was a pipedream for many. When the Internet brought us the first online casino, the game changed and now with the advent of the mobile casino, the landscape is changing further still. If the online casino was the first to usher in the digital era for casino gaming, the mobile casino has taken it a step further. The online casino was a static station from where you could play at home via your internet connection. Of course in the […]
January 3, 2013

Fruit Machines and How to Win them!

The One Play strategy is an advanced technique that will help to improve the chances of winning at the slot machines. There are many different strategies that people can use, but this strategy is one that is easy and effective. Standard deviation strategies are some of the best strategies to win at the slot machines. These strategies can be complex and hard to compute, but the One Step strategy makes it easier to calculate the standard deviation quickly. The first thing you want to do is find an equal pay machine. Equal pay machines are slot machines that have payouts […]
November 23, 2012

Tips For Safer Online Gambling

Proper care and research should go into choosing trusted and reputable online casinos before you spend any money. Be sure to check that the casino is licensed before you play and don’t forget top read up on the terms the bonus comes with. Online casino bonuses are usually limited in time and give you the chance to test the casino. Usually, if you want to win real money, you obviously have to invest as well, but in many cases bonus can be redeemed with only a minimum of a deposit because it also is a safety precaution as your age […]