Why you won’t be feasting on scraps if you win at Vegas Craps!

The expectant noise of the crowd, the whoops of delight when seven isn’t rolled, the sigh of disappointment when it is, craps is certainly one of the best games in the casino for creating enjoyment and an atmosphere within the players and it is this element of the game that Microgaming have recaptured perfectly in their Vegas Craps game.

Vegas Craps is a reworking of Microgaming’s original craps game, only it has been radically updated for the 21st century gamer. The graphics are sharper and more vivid, the animation cleaner and crisper, the sound and ambient effects cleverly designed to transport you right into the pit and around the table, with the dice in your hand.


One of the best features about the game for players is the attractive odds the game offers for players. You can get double your stake if you bet The Field and hit a two, and if you select 12 and get lucky on the same bet, you can treble your winnings. All Buy and Lay bets pay at true casino odds, with commission of 5% charged on winnings only.

It’s not just the gameplay and graphics that have been tweaked. The new game offers more betting positions for players as well as more popular rules, that hand back a little of the edge back to the player while still keeping the game competitive.

Bets start from as little as 1 credit up to a maximum of 100 credits and bets on the board are available from even money bets right up to the largest outside bet of 30/1, thus meaning that the biggest possible jackpot win at the table is a huge 3,100 credits.

So why not see what the fuss is about and feast your eyes on Vegas Craps, the latest and greatest incarnation of this popular casino game.

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