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Microgaming’s New Slot Terminator 2 On A New Mission From June

It is hard to believe that it is over 20 years ago that Terminator 2 first burst onto our screens but James Cameron’s masterpiece of Sci-Fi lives on thanks to Microgaming’s brand new slot, Terminator 2.

Using the 1991 film as its inspiration the Terminator 2 online slot offers an astonishing array of features that would have Cyberdine systems envious. The key plotline in Terminator 2 was the T-800, now protector of John Connor, and the T-1000 battling it out throughout the film and this brutal contest is once again brought to live across 5-reels of action.

There are 243-ways to win on the game, however when you get into the Free Spins section of the game, this expands to an incredible 1024 ways to win.

The good news is, to access this section, you can land a single Scatter icon and you will be taken to the free spins, rather than having to land three across the reels every time.

Unlike the film, when the T-1000 appearance heralded problems, for the player the T-1000’s ability to morph into other characters, makes him the ideal wild symbol, allowing him to change into other symbols to create even more winning lines.

Perhaps the key and most iconic feature of the new slot is the T-800 Vision feature. Once you have accessed it, the screen changes so that you view the reels from the perspective of the T-800, with the iconic red overlay and each symbol on screen revealing a prize when targeted. Land the T-1000 in this section and you can land a big win.

Bursting with video snapshots from the movie, incredible sound effects and a brand new soundtrack to accompany the slot, Terminator 2 online slot will be crashing into casinos and slot rooms around the globe this June.

He said he’d be back, and now, thankfully, he is!

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