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Jurassic Park: Online Slot Fun On A Massive Scale

It’s been 65 million years since dinosaurs roamed the Earth and a good few years since Steven Spielberg’s famous dinosaur movie enraptured a generation, but now thanks to the hard working souls at Microgaming, the Jurassic Park Online Slot is finally here.

This rampaging new video slot will hit casinos shortly and features 5×3 reels and 243 different ways to win on every spin. Set amidst the famous Jurassic Park forest, teeming with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, this fantastic new video slot pushes the boundaries of slot technology.

A key feature of the slot is the 5 of a kind videos which are taken directly from the film of the same name and feature some of its most endearingly famous scenes.

Of course, no Jurassic Park slot would be complete without T-Rex and when this colossal dinosaur stomps into sight randomly on the reels, he adds 35 wilds to the reels and gives the user 6-free spins within which they can maximise any winnings.

There are five free spin features, each themed around one of the famous dinosaurs from the film and these are triggered by landing 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols across the reels. Whatever dinosaur feature you trigger, you’ll receive 12 free spins and trigger a different feature for each dinosaur including Winning Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Wild Reels, Mystery Multipliers, Split Wilds and Running Wilds.

You can win free spins randomly throughout the game and if you trigger them 25 times in a session, you gain the ability to choose which dinosaur adventure you wish to take on your next free spin.

The graphics, sound and video included in the game are stunning and certainly amongst the most impressive available on any slot, this is an immersive slot which offers wins of up to 95,000 coins for the lucky winner.

So don’t be a dinosaur stuck in the past, take on the challenge of the video slot of tomorrow, today with the Jurassic Park Video Slot!

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