What are the best casino bonuses available online today?

If you are looking for the best casino bonuses on the Internet, where do you start? What type of bonus is best for you?  In this article, we’ll explain about three of the very best casino bonuses available and some of the top Microgaming casinos where you will be able to find them.

1. No Deposit Required Bonuses
One of the rarer offers are no deposit required bonuses. In many ways, these are the best casino bonuses as you get cash to play the games at the casino, without risking any of your own money. Simply sign up with the casino, register and insert your card details to verify your age and your account will be credited with a bonus amount.

Lucky Emperor Casino ($10 for new customers) is a casino offering this great no deposit bonus at present.

2. Deposit Bonuses
Challenge Casino
By far the most popular form of bonus is the deposit bonus, which is when a player makes a deposit into their casino account and in doing so, generates a cash bonus for themselves. There are a huge number of deposit bonuses available, which are available from your first deposit onwards.

Check out Challenge Casino’s $1,000 deposit bonus offer for starters.

3. Sign Up Bonuses
One of the most popular and best casino bonuses available is the sign up bonus. This is where a player is given a set amount of money and a time limit (usually of 1 hour) where they can use this bonus to play on some of the casinos games. Any money they earn over the amount they started with (up to a stated amount, usually $100 more than the starter amount) then becomes their new player bonus!

For a great sign up bonus, check out the $1,500 play bonus available at Golden Tiger Casino.