December 17, 2015

How can I find a reliable PayPal casino?

So you want to enjoy some of the many online gambling attractions that are available, but perhaps you’ve seen the scary stories of people’s financial data being hacked or harvested by unscrupulous gangs and fraudulent sites. How can you avoid this easily? Well simply check out the Casino Rewards network and pick from their large number of PayPal casinos. Each of the casinos that are part of the Microgaming-powered Casino Rewards network is a verified PayPal casino, by that it means that they accept payment from their customers direct from the safe, secure and well-regarded online payment site Paypal. Best […]
October 4, 2014

The Best Bonus Games in Online Slots

Play The Best Bonus Games in Slots If your understanding of slots is a tad lacking and you think that the most technically innovative bonus you’ll face is the decision whether to ‘hold’ a reel or ‘nudge’ a symbol, then you haven’t experienced many new online slots. New slots come with a slew of new bonus features and one of the most commonly encountered is the free spins bonus rounds. Understanding what these are and how they work is vital if you are going to achieve any level of success on modern online slots. So in this article we’ll examine […]
June 5, 2014

Online Casino Payout Options Explained

When gambling online, there are a number of ways to retrieve money. These include a credit or debit card, or a payment processing service like PayPal. It is not advisable to use a debit card as your details give somebody open access to your bank account. If the online casino site you are using is hacked and your card details are taken, all of the balance in your account will be at risk of getting withdrawn. Unlike with a credit card, you have no protection with debit card transactions. Be careful though when playing using a credit card, as it […]
March 14, 2014

Casino Rewards Group VIP Loyalty Scheme reworked and re-launched!

Players at any of the 30+ casinos part of the Microgaming Casino Rewards Group will have their own early Christmas present this year thanks to the release of the newly reworked VIP Loyalty Scheme. The reason for the change was that owners of the 30+ casinos part of the group realised that real world gamblers, especially the ‘whales’, were receiving far greater benefits from casinos in the real world than they were online. This reworked VIP Loyalty Scheme is their response to that and it features a host of new features and exciting add-ons, particularly for high rollers. All players […]